So what’s on the agenda?


Okay, I’m back — and thinking about additional pages I want to design for my blog, posts to write, images and quotes to add, even some audio and visual features I hope to create.

I want my blog to be a space where certain aspects of life and love can be wondered about, where questions are asked and answers may be found. In the hope that something here sparks your curiosity or resonates in your heart, I draw from my background in professional psychology and other life experience so as to explore and share with you some of the themes and subject areas I’m most interested in and care about–in particular, those that relate to the major themes, lead characters, and cultural context of my novel The Woman Inside Her:

—  Relationships:  Between spouses and partners, lovers and friends; between mothers or fathers and daughters or sons. Why do so many of us date or marry people who turn out to be other than what we hope or expect? Is there such a thing as soul mates? Are we destined to repeat the past, or can we heal and learn from it, even transform it into a gift we can bring to others?

—  Coming-of-age:  How do we emerge from childhood to adulthood prepared for healthy, responsible sexual intimacy, without shame or fear, and with respect and value given to our own and others’ bodies and sexuality? If we overcome a lack of information, the effects of myth or bias, repression or abuse, and imbue our experience with more meaning and value, might we engage in more loving relationships, reduce the prevalence of sexual violence, and lessen the pain of abuse and victimization?

—  The Sixties, The “Sexual Revolution” and “Women’s Lib,” and San Francisco: The era and setting in which my novel-in-progress, The Woman Inside Her, takes place. I’ll be writing about 60’s politics, the Hippies, the Beat influence, the “Pill” and its effects on sexual morays, the jazz of the Beat era and the San Francisco rock explosion that followed, 60’s counterculture values and spirituality, fashion, and more. Watch for pictures, images, and posts about the real Sixties in San Francisco communicated by people who were actually there.


14 thoughts on “So what’s on the agenda?

  1. Engaging topics. I am glad that I found your space where I can hope to grow , share and deal with what ever life throws at me. I am your happy follower!

      • I liked your sense of purpose for writing when you said, ” When we tell our stories and they are listened to, and when we listen to other people’s stories, we build community, come closer. We grow in understanding of ourselves and others…”. Plus, I am interested to see the development of The Fly Girl story :).

        • Thanks again, Althea. It’s so wonderful that we can come together with good people around the world when we write and share our thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. I hope I will be able to connect with people through my novel, The Flying Girl, too. It’s a big project, so it will be a while yet, but I’m working on it!

    • Yes, my mind can get quite busy when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Sometimes I’m thinking about blog posts or articles I want to write, or coming up with ideas for my novel-in-progress. I know what you mean about such thoughts interfering with sleeping, but on the other hand, who wants to sleep when the creative juices are flowing? Of course we pay for it the next day, don’t we. Thanks for your comment. I see you have a blog, too. I’ll check it out.

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