A lot can happen when we close our eyes. Don’t do it!

In the late 60s, when the Vietnam War raged on, Americans increasingly realized that it was not possible to succeed by our ideals alone, however lofty and sacred. In a real world, mistakes can be made even by the most well-intentioned. Acknowledging that reality, and accepting responsibility for actions taken, requires both maturity and integrity, and represents strength, not weakness.


It’s time for a good many Americans to step up to the plate once more and say: we were wrong and cannot let this masquerade of normality go on. The state of governance of our nation today is not normal. Our country needs strong, capable leadership that reveres and upholds the constitution and is willing to work to the benefit of all Americans, not just a favored few.

Please. Do not stand idly by and imagine “things” will eventually work themselves out, or assume others will act so you needn’t do so. At the very least, you can become broadly informed–and do so not just from your closely held perspective but by listening to divergent views as well–so that you can then, perhaps with some authority, speak out via the more valid avenues available to do so. Remember, there is a difference between “fake” and “real,” and only the latter, the truth, can be supported with established facts.

A functional democracy is made up of informed citizens who understand they have a responsibility as such. Don’t just repeat what you’ve heard. Fact check it. Pay attention. Contribute. You’ll regret it if you don’t. Reality has a way of eventually coming around to smack us on the back of the head.

In the 70s, after the Vietnam War had raged on since the early 60s, Americans were finally able to admit and accept the reality of that awful, tragic war. Then, too, further mistakes were made in how we, as a nation, responded to those who so courageously and through great hardship served. Most of us regret that, and have moved on to say thank you, as well as never again.

The threats we face today are almost beyond our ability to contemplate. This is no time, people, to put our heads in the sand. We need to stay awake, and proactive.

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