Get the facts! Be informed! READ!

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Just like during the Sixties, when my novel, The Woman Inside Her, takes place, we Americans must be well-informed–with facts, not propaganda–if we are to navigate through the turbulent times we face. America’s greatness today, as in the past, must come from the wisdom and strength of a citizenry guided by truth, not led astray by false idols and promises. So let’s all take the advice of that sage character of British television fame, Dr. Who, and arm ourselves with knowledge. Read!

It’s Library Lovers’ Month!

A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.           -Andrew Carnegie

Libraries. Ah, libraries . . .

They make me sigh with sweet satisfaction, feel comfort and warmth as from an old pair of mittens or a nourishing, savory soup.

These feelings are not new. Some of my fondest memories are of my mother taking my older brother and me to the local library, not just near our home in the suburbs, but to the main library in the heart of the city, too. Often. We would spend hours there, then carry books home and lose ourselves in their pages, full of fascination and wonder. When we went on trips during the summer, often tagging along with my father as he traveled for his job, she’d even take us to the library in the towns we spent time in! The local library was always on our “places of interest” list, worthy of a visit.

As long as I can remember, libraries have been for me places to learn, to heal as well as to grow, to find reasons to hope and ways to expand my dreams. They are packed full of questions and answers and bursting with surprises. To say that I value libraries is an understatement!

For me, they’re a mind-altering addiction! And one I’ll never, ever give up!